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UberSmart Math Facts ~ {TOS Review}

UberSmart Math Facts Review
This review comes to you from UberSmart Software. We were recently given the opportunity to use and review their downloadable software, UberSmart Math Facts

The UberSmart Math Facts software is geared towards grades K-6, but if you have older students who could use some help in reinforcing their math, they could use this also. My two are in grades 2nd and 3rd, so I knew this program would work for them. 

We use the program 3 days a week, with them taking turns at the computer. The software is easy enough for them to get in to, that they don't always need my help. We started with the Dot Cards with my daughter and Flash Cards for my son. The program is simple enough to get started that they could get in to it on their own and get started.

UberSmart Math Facts Review

Your student starts out Learning then moves on to Practice, Test and Compete. Skills they will work on include Keyboard Entry, which is 10-key numbers, and Flash Cards for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Addition and Subtraction go up through the 9's while Multiplication and Division can go from the 9's through the 20's.

UberSmart Math Facts Review
Using UberSmart Math Facts has actually made learning math fun for my children. They are actually starting to memorize what they are learning. Since it teaches in number groups, I don't have to worry about them working on something they're not ready for yet. And once they've grasped a concept, the software filters those problems out.

You can adjust the time limit on tests, even prevent them from retaking a test, if that's your choice. The software tracks their response times on each problem and during tests, they can see the previous and upcoming problems, just as they could if they were taking a test on paper. 

When they're taking a test, if they need to skip a problem, they can and it will be put at the end of the test where they are given another chance to answer it. 

While math was never my favorite or best subject when I was in school (a long time ago), my kids seem to be enjoying it. This makes me a happy momma, since one of my major worries when we started this homeschooling journey was teaching them math. While we are still working on just the basics, but seeing them learning and like it, gives me hope for the future. At least until we hit algebra, trigonometry, and the like.

UberSmart Math Facts was created by homeschool dad, David Kocur, when his wife asked him to create a math flash card program to help their kids. After tirelessly searching the internet and not liking what he found, he decided to create their own. And the results with their kids was amazing. After seeing the results with his own children, he decided he needed to share it with others. 

You can purchase UberSmart Math Facts on the website for the low price of $24.95 and you can use it on all the computers in your home. There's also a Professional Version (for schools), the price varies depending on the number of students. It runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 at this time.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Happy Kids Songs ~ {TOS Review Crew}

Happy Kids Songs Review
Our latest review item is from Happy Kid's Songs. This is one of those reviews that I had a feeling my daughter would like, but wasn't so sure about my son, because he is, after all, a boy. He surprised me though and really got in to it.

Happy Kids Songs Review

We were able to review 3 downloaded albums of 5 songs each - Friends and Sharing, Happiness and Attitude and Manners and Character. We also received the Happy Kids Songs Workbook, a physical product to use with the songs. 
Happy Kids Songs Review

The first time I turned the songs on, we were doing our chores, and we often listen to music to get us moving. Both kids came running down the hall from their rooms to see what was going on. This wasn't the music we usually listen to!
Happy Kids Songs Review

Of all the songs on the three albums our favorites were "Everybody Wants To Find A Friend, Shake It Out & Dance, Better Together, Be Good To Yourself, H-O-N-E-S-T-Y and The Golden Rule.

Most of our time was just spent listening to the songs while we were doing something else, such as our chores, or playing a game, even running errands.

After spending some time just listening, I decided it was time to implement some of the activities in the workbook. The workbook contains a lyrics page and activity page for each section in the front section of the book, then in the back section are over 100 lessons and activities for parents and teachers to use. 
Happy Kids Songs Review

One of the kids' favorites was an activity for Shake It Out & Dance. We took some small pieces of paper and wrote out some of the the "I Can'ts" they feel they have. We then turned on the song and in the right spot in the song, threw them up in the air and danced them in to the ground. 

For the song, Be Good To Yourself, we used dry erase markers and wrote special messages on their bedroom mirrors for them to see each morning. We also made "I Like Me" booklets to help them both see all the good things about themselves they don't often see.

The book and songs are geared toward ages 3-8, but these songs could work on even the littlest ones, up to probably age 9 or even 10. You can find the workbook and albums on the Happy Kids Songs website. The albums are $4.95 for 5 songs, and the workbook is $12.56.  There are also FREE downloads for parents and teachers, and if you sign up for the mailing list, you receive the Song of the Month FREE.

Dr. Mac, the creator of Happy Kids Songs, is a singer, songwriter and producer and also the creator of the PBS series, Jay Jay The Jet Plane. He is also a child and family psychologist and the Clinical Director of the Family Therapy Institute in Santa Barbara, CA.

Connect with Happy Kids Songs:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/happykidssongs

Twitter: @howsyourfam

YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/4DrMacMusic
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wizzy Gizmo Fast Track Bible Pack: New Testament ~ {TOS Review Crew}

Wizzy Gizmo Review
I have never possessed a lot of deep biblical knowledge, and having two kids who are always asking questions and wanting to know more, that's not always a good thing on my part. So having the opportunity to review The Fast Track Bible Pack: New Testament from Wizzy Gizmo has been something both my children and I have enjoyed. 

Wizzy Gizmo Review

This 27 card set is just chock full of information. Each card has a written summary on the front, along with how many chapters are in that book, a little note about the author and the date of writing. 

When you turn it over, be prepared! On the back, you will find the outline, key chapters, key passages, key doctrines and key people.

We started relatively slow, reading the summary every day for a week, then adding in the author, date of writing and number of chapters. (Did you know the phrase "The Kingdom of Heaven" appears 32 times in Matthew and nowhere else in the Bible?)

We then started using the back of the card and using a key verse and doctrine for memorization and handwriting practice. I created some handwriting practice worksheets for the kids to use to practice their handwriting by writing out the key verse we were working on that week.

Did you know Luke became a reporter, doctor, writer and a missionary? I didn't! Or how about that he wrote both the Book of Luke and the Book of Acts?

The cards can be used with ages 2 and up, yes, they're even a good thing for adults! You can find them at Wizzy Gizmo for $14.99. They are full-color, printed on cardstock and easy to read. While you're on the website, don't forget to check out the other great items they have too.

The website has numerous ideas for using the cards, depending on the age group you're working with. With the young ones, start slow, reading the card each day for a week. With the older ones, read and memorize the key verse, key chapters, references the key verses, outline and key people, then step it up a notch by having them share what they've learned.

Start your Bible study by reading the corresponding card, use them in your Sunday school. Use them to help you or your children learn Bible verses. Put them on a ring and keep them in your bag or purse. I wish I'd had these a few months ago when I was doing a study of Ephesians. Use them during your family devotion time to further expand what you're studying. Part of a homeschool co-op? If you have a Bible Study class with the kids, these would make a great resource!

I see us using these cards for years to come to help us with our Bible curriculum.

Make sure you check out the reviews from my fellow Crew Mates, they've reviewed the different products of Wizzy Gizmo! 

Connect with Wizzy Gizmo here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wizzygizmo
Twitter: https://twitter.com/wizzygizmo
Pinterst: http://www.pinterest.com/wizzygizmo/
Google+: http://www.plus.google.com/+wizzygizmo
Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/wizzygizmo

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up - First Week of School

We are probably ahead of the game, but we started our homeschool year this past Monday. So far, so good - the kids are actually excited about what we're doing and get up ready to go every morning. My son is wanting to do lessons individually, but I'm trying to explain to him that for the most part, that won't work.

Our Curriculum

This year we are utilizing quite a few of the review items we have received by being on the Review Crew along with items I already had and free items from online.

Math - CTC Math and UberSmart Math Facts
Spelling - Spelling You See and Schoolhouse Spelling from Schoolhouseteachers.com
Language/Writing - Rebus Writing Books and worksheets
Science - Apologia - Flying Creatures, My First Report (Hewitt Homeschooling)
Social Studies - Apologia - What On Earth Can I Do?
History - Veritas Press
Bible - Wizzy Gizmo, We Choose Virtues, and a Character Study download from Confessions of A Homeschooler.
Foreign Language - See It Say It Spanish
We are also using a Home Ec book that a friend had given me and Theme Pockets books.

Our Schedule

I start my morning pretty early, getting up with the husband at 5 A.M. After he leaves for work, I have my coffee, quiet time, bible study, start a load of laundry and work on anything that needs done, reviews, Plexus work, etc.

I get the kids up at 8 or shortly after and we have breakfast and bible time. Then from 9:30 till 12:00 we're doing lessons. We break at noon for lunch and I check their work, then at 1:00 they go outside for an hour. At 2 we have read aloud time for half an hour, then it's time for home ec, theme pockets or Spanish, depending on the day. From 3-4, they have quiet time while I get a few things taken care of. Then at 4, I start dinner prep and one of them helps me, rotating every other day.

Another thing I'm trying this year was inspired by a pin on Pinterest. I created a notebook for each of them, and hopefully can stick with it to do one every year.

Their notebook includes their morning routine and schedule, first day of school interview, and assessment along with tabs for each subject where I'll keep test results, writing examples, etc.

Our School Room

For our first two years we've done school at the dining table, but we recently "inherited" a round dining table that fits in the breakfast nook in our kitchen. The kids and I have been doing school there, and so far it seems to be working.



Friday, August 15, 2014

The Hope Quotient - Review and Giveaway

We've all heard of IQ, but have you heard of HQ? No, not headquarters. Hope Quotient. Ray Johnston tells us it is possibly the most important factor in our lives.

I have another review and giveaway for you. A copy of The Hope Quotient by Ray Johnston. Ray Johnston has a rich, varied background as a professor, speaker, writer, and founder of Thrive Communications and the Thrive Leadership Conference. He is the founding pastor of Bayside Church, one of the largest churches in the US, with more than 12,000 people. Ray has spoken to more than 4,000,000 people over the last 10 years and serves on the board of trustees at Azusa Pacific University, his alma mater. Ray and his wife, Carol, have four children.

It all started with a conversation with his daughter. She had to write a paper on a leader, and she chose her dad. After 2 hours, she asked her last question and with his answer, it sparked an idea. He recalled that a wise person once said that we can live 40 days without food, 3 days without water, and about 8 minutes without air, but not one single second without hope.

There are 7 factors that can raise our hope quotient, and Ray teaches them to us, in detail, in this book.

1. Recharge Your Batteries - What's Draining You? What Refills You?
2. Raise Your Expectations
3. Refocus On The Future
4. Play To Your Strengths
5. Refuse To Go It Alone
6. Replace Burnout With Balance
7. Play Great Defense

In Chapter 6, he talks about being strangled by stress - I've been there. Have you? I think that's something alot of people in today's world can relate too.

He also speaks of living out of margin. Marginless is being late all the time, fatigue, red ink, hurry, and the disease of our decade.

Margin is having breath at the top of the staircase, money at the end of the month and sanity left over for adolescence. Margin is energy, black ink, calm, and the cure.

Enter to win your own copy of The Hope Quotient below. And if you don't win, you can purchase it here! Or here!

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*Disclaimer - I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.



Thursday, August 14, 2014

Notes From A Blue Bike ~ Review & Giveaway

We live in an age of stuff - wanting it, needing it, striving for it. To the point where we shove relationships out the door in order to get it. I recently had the opportunity to read and review Tsh Oxenreider's new book, Notes From A Blue Bike

I first came across Tsh a handful of years ago when I found her website, The Art of Simple.net, then known as SimpleMom.net So, having the opportunity to read her book was one I relished.

Most people have heard of "slow food" and "slow travel", but Tsh seems to take it a step further. She talks of the simple life they led in Turkey, and the culture shock that hit when they returned to America. It didn't take long for them to get caught up in the "go-go-go and do-do-do" mentality.

She sets out to find that simple life again, focusing on quality, relationships and some unconventional decisions to enjoy a slower pace of life. I found myself wondering if WE could pull off a slower pace of life in our home as I was reading the book.

Is it possible to lead a slower pace of life? I believe it is, and Tsh tells us how to do it in her book. You just have to make the choice to swim upstream and keep at it intentionally. But it's never too late to live out your dreams.

Tsh Oxenreider is also the author of Organized Simplicity and One Bite At A Time. She currently lives in Bend, Oregon with her family.

Now, for the fun part! You too can get a chance to read this great book, we're hosting a giveaway! US and Canada residents are eligible! Enter quick, giveaway ends Saturday!

If you don't win, you can also purchase the book, here! Or here!

Connect with The Art of Simple on Facebook.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Disclaimer - I received a copy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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